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Limited Time: 10% off rear Marvin Shocks when you purchase a front pair
Limited Time: 10% off rear Marvin Shocks when you purchase a front pair
Marvin Shaw Shocks: The Pinnacle of Performance Suspension

Marvin Shaw Shocks: The Pinnacle of Performance Suspension

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When it comes to dominating the racetrack, every serious racer knows that having top-notch shocks is essential. Meet Marvin Shaw Shocks – the game-changers in the racing world. Engineered with precision and boasting unparalleled features, these shocks are designed to elevate your racing performance to new heights. Whether you're tearing up sand dunes, conquering ATV tracks, or cruising in a sand rail, Marvin Shaw Shocks deliver the ultimate control and stability that every racer dreams of.

Benefits of Marvin Shaw Shocks:

1. Lightest on the Market: Marvin Shaw Shocks are redefining lightweight excellence. Weighing in at a mere 1 pound lighter than any competing shock, these shocks are engineered to minimize weight while maximizing performance. This remarkable advantage allows you to gain a competitive edge, translating into faster lap times and increased agility on the track.

2. Precision Engineering: Crafted from high-quality 1-1/8" & 1-3/8" chrome rod shafts, Marvin Shaw Shocks boast billet aluminum bodies filled with a nitrogen/oil mix and shim pack valving. The result? Unmatched stability and responsiveness that elevate your driving experience to a whole new level. With each shock pre-filled with nitrogen at 650psi, you can expect consistent and reliable performance on any track.

3. Complete Rebuildability: Marvin Shaw Shocks are not only high-performance but also built to last. Their complete rebuildability ensures that you can make necessary adjustments and maintain peak performance over the long haul. No need to worry about wear and tear – these shocks are built tough to withstand the rigors of racing.

4. Versatility and Customization: No matter your racing preference or vehicle, Marvin Shaw Shocks have you covered. These shocks are easily fine-tuned to meet your specific needs and racing style. From sand dunes to asphalt tracks, Marvin Shaw Shocks excel in various racing environments. With customizable applications available in any length, they fit perfectly on your quad, ATV, or sand rail.

Experience the Unrivaled Performance:

Front Marvin Shaw Competition Shocks (Pair): For the ultimate control and precision on the front end of your ride, the Front Marvin Shaw Competition Shocks are a must-have. Embrace the lightweight advantage and experience unparalleled stability and responsiveness on the track. 

Rear Marvin Shaw Competition Shocks: Completing the ultimate racing setup, the Rear Marvin Shaw Competition Shocks deliver the same exceptional performance on the back end of your vehicle.

Unleash your full racing potential with Marvin Shaw Shocks – the epitome of innovation and precision. Embrace the advantages of lightweight design, precision engineering, and complete rebuildability to dominate the track like never before. Whether you're a seasoned racer or an aspiring champion, Marvin Shaw Shocks are your ticket to success. Elevate your racing game and experience the pinnacle of performance with Marvin Shaw Shocks today!

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